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Problems with traditional laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-06-06

Problems with traditional laser anti-counterfeiting labels

traditionalLaser security labelIt divides the design of the master, the processing of the stamper and the use of the trademark into three independent parties to improve its anti-counterfeiting effect. In the past, because laser marking technology was not common, laser anti-counterfeiting labels were difficult to imitate. However, with the continuous development of laser holographic technology, more and more companies and individuals have mastered these technologies, including counterfeit and inferior businesses. Therefore, the laser anti-counterfeiting label made by using only compression molding technology becomes easy to imitate and gradually loses its important value in anti-counterfeiting.


In order to solve the problem that laser anti-counterfeiting labels are easy to imitate, some anti-counterfeiting label factories will make the logo design more complicated and increase the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting. However, over-professional laser marking also increases the difficulty of use. Many consumers do not know how to use it or think the process of anti-counterfeiting identification is too complicated. According to people's psychology of using laser anti-counterfeiting labels, the simpler and faster the anti-counterfeiting method is, the better. For ordinary consumers, over-professional identification technology is an anti-counterfeiting obstacle. When the usage rate of anti-counterfeiting labels decreases, its value to product anti-counterfeiting will also decrease.

The current laser anti-counterfeiting label is an upgraded version of the traditional label. It is more complicated in image imaging. If counterfeiters want to imitate, the difficulty factor will be very high. Anti-counterfeit label manufacturers use lasers and gratings to produce many different holographic patterns from two different light waves. This interference fringe is produced on the label by development, and a unique laser anti-counterfeiting label can be formed, so that each product has a unique identity information. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label identification method is also relatively simple, and you can inquire by phone or website.