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Explanation of the principle of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-30

Explanation of the principle of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Many digital electronic products will have shinyLaser security labelThe anti-counterfeiting performance of this kind of label is relatively good, and it is widely liked by users. It belongs to a type of laser anti-counterfeiting label. The anti-counterfeiting technology is more advanced and complicated. It is more difficult for manufacturers to copy this kind of anti-counterfeiting laser label. Today we will understand the principle of the laser anti-counterfeiting label and see what its advanced features are.


The anti-counterfeiting principle of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is the use of laser color hologram plate-making technology and molded copy technology to complete anti-counterfeiting labels. Generally speaking, it is anti-counterfeiting through the ever-changing dynamic color of laser holography combined with nano anti-counterfeiting technology to protect the authenticity of the product. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels want to produce dynamic colors, need to rely on the grating tool, which can divide our common sunlight into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan and blue. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting laser labels we see are all shiny, and the colors seen from different angles are different. The laser anti-counterfeiting label emits two light waves with the same vibration frequency and vibration amplitude through a laser and concentrates to a fixed phase, so that they vibrate in the same direction. Different colors are distinguished by grating, and by controlling the angle of observation, a unique holographic laser anti-counterfeiting label is produced.

By explaining the principle of the laser anti-counterfeiting label, we can know that it uses the technology of laser hologram plate making and the technology of embossing and copying.Very dynamic colors are generated by lasers and gratings, making anti-counterfeiting laser labels vivid and interesting. This technology can prevent copying and other means, so that the counterfeit factory cannot obtain all the contents of the laser anti-counterfeiting label, making it impossible to start the fraud. I hope that through this explanation of the principle, everyone will have a certain understanding of laser anti-counterfeiting labels and improve their ability to recognize anti-counterfeit labels when purchasing products daily.