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Daily chemical products' requirements for QR code anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-08-29

Daily chemical products' requirements for QR code anti-counterfeiting labels

due toQR code anti-counterfeiting labelNot only has an efficient anti-counterfeiting effect, but also promotes products for businesses, so it has become one of the mainstream anti-counterfeit label products. The electronics industry, the tobacco and alcohol industry, and the daily chemical industry have all begun to use such anti-counterfeiting products. Because different industries have different anti-counterfeiting requirements, they have different design requirements for QR code anti-counterfeiting labels. Today we will learn more about the relevant label requirements of the daily chemical industry.


When designing a QR code anti-counterfeiting label, it is necessary to consider the packaging of daily chemicals. As we all know, many daily chemical products usually have no outer packaging, but the inner packaging and the product itself are sold directly on the counter, such as cosmetics, perfume, washing powder, soap, etc. Some daily chemical products are sold in small personal packaging, such as toothpaste and skin care products. It is precisely because of the different packaging characteristics that the design of the QR code anti-counterfeiting label for daily chemical products should be beautiful and easy to be recognized by consumers, and can improve the overall packaging image of the product, thereby promoting sales and leaving a deep impression on consumers. This requires reasonable planning on the color, line and shape of the label, and design in combination with the characteristics of daily chemicals.

Daily chemical products are not luxury products. They have higher cost requirements for QR code anti-counterfeiting labels. If the cost of anti-counterfeiting is too high, it will reduce the profit of daily chemical products, which will outweigh the gains for enterprises. Among many anti-counterfeiting labels, the cost of QR code anti-counterfeiting is relatively low, which is very in line with the anti-counterfeiting requirements of daily chemical products. However, daily chemical products require two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels with low cost, but it does not mean that the anti-counterfeiting technology is low. Its use must have the function of effectively preventing counterfeiting and inferior behavior.