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Types of anti-counterfeit QR codes

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-23

Types of anti-counterfeit QR codes

Anti-counterfeiting QR CodeIt uses mathematical methods and stores information graphically. People can check the authenticity of the product by simply scanning the QR code on the mobile phone. Because it has a unique graphic expression, it is more suitable for printing on the outer packaging of goods than the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Now everyone has begun to use this label widely. The anti-counterfeiting label factory is also committed to the research of two-dimensional codes, striving to develop two-dimensional codes that prevent copying and tampering. Today we will learn more about the types of anti-counterfeit two-dimensional codes.


Anti-counterfeiting QR codes can be divided into four categories according to their forms, namely fixed two-dimensional codes, variable two-dimensional codes, variable official accounts, and redirected official accounts. The first is the anti-counterfeiting label of the fixed QR code, which is a common category, which evolved from the anti-counterfeiting of the website. The anti-counterfeiting label factory originally printed the address of the anti-counterfeiting system on the anti-counterfeiting system, but now it converts the address into a two-dimensional code, so consumers can enter the system only by scanning. On the surface, this is a QR code, but it is actually an anti-counterfeiting website for anti-counterfeiting QR codes. The second type of variable two-dimensional code is a widely used anti-counterfeiting product, which can integrate the anti-counterfeiting system and the anti-counterfeiting code together, and each anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code after fusion is different. When consumers scan the QR code, the system can automatically identify and inquire about the anti-counterfeiting code. The other two categories use WeChat official accounts for anti-counterfeiting. They are completely different from laser anti-counterfeiting labels. They are not only anti-counterfeit, but also marketing.

The above is an explanation of the categories of anti-counterfeiting QR codes. Through the explanations, we have learned about its four different types of production principles. These four categories have become more and more mature over time. Because the two-dimensional code production process is simple and low-cost, most anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers can make very good two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels. This kind of two-dimensional code label can trace the source of the product, and can also be used as a basis for big data analysis by businesses, and is more advanced than laser anti-counterfeiting labels. I hope that the description in this article will enable everyone to better understand the anti-counterfeiting labels of QR codes, and hope that manufacturers can improve the technology and functions of anti-counterfeiting QR codes.