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Advantages of WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-19

Advantages of WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting labels

A lot ofLaser security labelA website or phone that can be checked for authenticity will be printed in the verification area, and consumers can verify it by opening the website or calling. These websites are not provided by anti-counterfeiting label factories, and are generally professional data query libraries provided by merchants. Now that the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is launched, consumers feel that this kind of website query method is inconvenient. It will be much more convenient if they can perform WeChat query. Let's take a look at the WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting label and understand its advantages.


The WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting label can replace the inquired WeChat QR code in the anti-counterfeiting area to check the authenticity of the website or phone. After the anti-counterfeiting area is scratched, consumers can scan the above QR code for verification. This is different from ordinary two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels. It uses a variety of anti-counterfeiting methods to prevent counterfeiting, which has many advantages.

WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting labels are very convenient. Consumers can directly scan WeChat to find the corresponding information. If consumers have any questions, they can also communicate through the WeChat platform, which can respond to consumers’ queries in time. When the customer makes a second purchase, they can also send anti-counterfeiting numbers at any time to instantly know the true and false information of the product. However, it should be noted that the security label factory must be correct when printing the QR code, otherwise it will be used by illegal businesses. For businesses, they can collect consumer gender and city information by paying attention to the account information of the WeChat official account, and do market analysis of consumer groups. In addition, the WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting label can also be used as a promotional port to regularly push product-related information to increase customer stickiness.

The above is the description of the WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting label. Through the description, we understand the principle and advantages of the label. It uses QR code scanning for authenticity verification, but it is different from the traditional QR code anti-counterfeiting label and has more technology. rigorous. This WeChat anti-counterfeiting label has the advantages of convenient, fast and flexible verification, and can be used as a port for merchants to promote and market research. It's just that the label has higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting label factories, and needs to be more rigorous in printing and production. In addition, in order to prevent counterfeiters from imitating the WeChat official account, some measures need to be taken to improve the WeChat laser anti-counterfeiting label before it can be promoted.