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How does an anti-counterfeiting label factory improve anti-counterfeiting skills

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-19

How does an anti-counterfeiting label factory improve anti-counterfeiting skills

Anti-counterfeiting skills areAnti-counterfeiting label factoryIf there is no superior anti-counterfeiting technology, the company will be eliminated at any time. Manufacturers need to continuously improve the anti-counterfeiting technology in accordance with customer requirements for laser anti-counterfeiting labels. For example, QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are improved according to customer needs, which can make it more convenient for consumers to check authenticity. Today we will walk into the anti-counterfeiting label factory together to understand how they improve their anti-counterfeiting skills.


Anti-counterfeiting label factories mainly rely on two aspects to improve their anti-counterfeiting skills. One is the company's own technical team, and the other is cooperation with external scientific researchers. Generally companies will have their own technical team. The main work of this team is to study laser anti-counterfeiting labels, find new anti-counterfeiting materials and anti-counterfeiting technologies, and study how to improve production efficiency and reduce anti-counterfeiting costs. They are an effective weapon of the anti-counterfeiting label factory. The stronger the technical team, the more competitive the anti-counterfeiting products launched.

The anti-counterfeiting label factory will also cooperate with scientific research personnel on campus. After all, the technical team has limited personnel, and the cost of scientific research cannot be too high, so they will selectively cooperate with some scientific research teams. In May of this year, Professor Chen Guangxue’s team developed a new QR code anti-counterfeiting label, which can be used on smart packaging. It combines many digital technologies and QR code technologies and has the advantage of being difficult to counterfeit. Some anti-counterfeiting label factories cooperate with Professor Chen Guangxue to purchase its anti-counterfeiting technology and apply it to their own production lines.

The above are the methods for anti-counterfeiting label factories to improve their anti-counterfeiting skills. They will not only form their own technical team to continuously study various technologies and find ways to improve production efficiency. Most of the laser anti-counterfeit labels of the label factory are developed by their own technical team. come out. They will also cooperate with outside scientific research teams to purchase their advanced scientific research technology, just like buying Professor Chen Guangxue's QR code anti-counterfeiting label technology, to make up for the defects of their own technical team. Which anti-counterfeiting label factory wants to gain market competitiveness and occupy a large share of the market, it needs to do well in both aspects.