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Application of Watermark Paper in Laser Anti-counterfeiting Label

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-08

Application of Watermark Paper in Laser Anti-counterfeiting Label

Laser security labelThe principle of anti-counterfeiting is based on anti-counterfeiting paper, using laser holographic technology to give anti-counterfeiting labels various features that cannot be counterfeited. The anti-counterfeiting label factory uses this principle to produce different styles of anti-counterfeiting labels, including traditional square-shaped anti-counterfeiting labels, tangible and long tag anti-counterfeiting labels, and special labels that are combined with product identification. Among the anti-counterfeiting papers used to make these laser anti-counterfeiting labels, watermark paper is a relatively common one.


The watermarking paper in the laser anti-counterfeiting label uses watermarking technology, which is an ancient technology. In the paper web forming process, the web-forming technology is used. When the paper webs are only intertwined to form a certain amount of moisture, the anti-counterfeiting label factory deforms the tissue part of the wet paper through a special process to form various marks or patterns. Under normal backlight illumination, clear and transparent watermark patterns can be seen. After the laser anti-counterfeit label paper watermark is formed into the paper, it will not be strongly deformed due to changes in color, light and temperature, and it is not separated from the paper. This type of watermark paper is easy to mass produce, and can maintain the relative consistency of products before and after the same production process equipment, and can be made into tag anti-counterfeiting labels and square anti-counterfeiting labels. Because the watermark pattern is simple in level, soft in outline, complicated in processing, difficult to accurately imitate, and extremely difficult to copy, the laser anti-counterfeiting label can have strong anti-counterfeiting performance.

The cost of making watermark paper in the laser anti-counterfeiting label is relatively low, which can reduce the cost of merchants and anti-counterfeiting manufacturers. The saved cost can be applied to the development of anti-counterfeiting technology, enhance the market competitiveness of anti-counterfeiting label factories, and improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of product labels . Technically increase the anti-counterfeiting cost of counterfeiters, so that they can not really make when they see various anti-counterfeiting labels, even if they can imitate the shape of the tag anti-counterfeiting label, they cannot imitate its technology. With the development of science and technology, watermark paper will become more abundant, with a more intuitive and simple anti-counterfeiting effect, and more maturely used in laser anti-counterfeiting labels.