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Overview of anti-copying technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-08

Overview of anti-copying technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Laser security labelThe most important part of the production is anti-counterfeiting paper. Its function is to show various anti-counterfeiting technologies and cannot be copied. The anti-counterfeiting label factory has also been committed to research in this area, and has continuously introduced various methods of copying, which are applied to anti-counterfeiting QR codes, holographic anti-counterfeiting and laser anti-counterfeiting. Today, let’s learn more about the anti-copying technology of anti-counterfeiting paper and its role in laser anti-counterfeiting labels.


The anti-copying technologies of anti-counterfeiting paper in laser anti-counterfeiting labels mainly include the following:

1. Anti-copy paper with background pattern printing, hidden text and pattern, this is a very fine pattern or hidden text and pattern printing. Once copied, patterns such as "cannot be copied" or hidden text and patterns will be displayed. This is a traditional anti-counterfeiting and anti-copying method used by a security label factory.

2. Anti-copy paper with coloring characteristics. This anti-copy method has the advantages of easy preparation, simple structure and good anti-copy effect, so it is widely used. Its principle is to color the base paper of the laser anti-counterfeiting label with specific dyes and pigments. After exposure during copying, the same part of the text image and the background will be absorbed, and the contrast will disappear.

3. Anti-copy paper containing photochromic material. This kind of anti-copy paper is coated with chemical discoloration material on the paper base. It can be excited during the copying process and develop color because of exposure, so that the contrast between the background part and the image part There is no difference and cannot be copied. For example, after the anti-counterfeiting label of the tag is copied, the background part returns to a colorless state after the original leaves the copier.

The anti-copy technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels has been continuously reformed. It will continue to develop with scientific development. When counterfeiters break through an anti-copy technology, the anti-counterfeiting label factory will immediately make adjustments and adopt more advanced anti-copy technologies. Photocopying technology makes them impossible to imitate. Normally, counterfeiters will not spend too much money to research anti-counterfeiting technology, but there are also individual counterfeit merchants who will specifically break a certain anti-counterfeiting QR code in order to seek high profit returns. It can be seen that the anti-counterfeiting work of products cannot be interrupted, and the research of laser anti-counterfeiting label technology cannot be interrupted either.