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The role of laser anti-counterfeit labels in anti-theft work

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-08-29

The role of laser anti-counterfeit labels in anti-theft work

Laser security labelThe ID card as a commodity can effectively prevent the commodity from being counterfeited, allowing consumers to buy authentic and reliable products. Liquor, tea and electronic products that we see in our daily lives can all be anti-counterfeit in this way. However, the role of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is far more than that. People not only use them in physical goods, but also use them in anti-theft work, and the effect is not bad.


People get inspiration from the laser anti-counterfeiting label of the product, and want to apply it to the metering device to prevent others from opening the device. According to investigations conducted by the power supply department, many power stealers steal power by destroying metering devices. In order to effectively prevent and curb counterfeiting of meter seals in power supply departments and thoroughly combat electricity theft of metering devices, there is an urgent need for power managers to strengthen electricity management, improve anti-theft technologies, and take necessary technical measures to seal and seal metering devices. Add a "safe" to the tail seal. The laser anti-counterfeiting label is the safe. As long as the power management personnel find that the label is incorrect during inspection, they can find out whether the ear seal and tail seal have been damaged in time, so as to know whether the meter is abnormal.

In order to wrap the ear seal and tail seal, the following points need to be paid attention to when designing and managing laser anti-counterfeiting labels. First, there are two types of labels. Ear seals and tail seals can be designed as power industry logos or power company names. Secondly, labels must be strictly managed, and there must be no problems such as loss or theft. The meter installation and connection personnel must strictly use anti-counterfeiting labels. Third, put the lead ribbon into the sealing line or plunger, cut off the excess line outside the sealing, and stick the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Once the label is damaged, it cannot be used again.