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Knowledge of laser anti-counterfeiting label design

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-06

Knowledge of laser anti-counterfeiting label design

Development and productionLaser security labelThe cost is relatively high, both in design and production are more difficult, and the cost of wear is relatively high. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are now relatively mature, but it is very difficult in the early stage of research and development. Many technologies require continuous experimentation to improve, so every anti-counterfeiting laser label is hard-won. Today, we will learn the knowledge of laser anti-counterfeiting label design based on the past anti-counterfeiting label production.


The graphic design of laser anti-counterfeiting labels not only has anti-counterfeiting functions, but also has functions such as user interaction and product descriptions. Generally, the label will be divided into four design areas, one area is the product description area, which is generally reflected in the form of a QR code. The second area is for the arrangement of anti-counterfeiting features, that is, product anti-counterfeiting information. Different anti-counterfeiting laser labels have different designs in this area. The third is the user interactive text description area, and the fourth is the interactive QR code area, which is generally used to set up scanning activities, such as buy a bottle and get a bottle promotion, but this activity is not common, so many laser anti-counterfeiting Tags will omit this part.

The design of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is of counterfeit logic. First, an anti-counterfeiting feature data mother database must be established, which will store the anti-counterfeiting feature information corresponding to the tag code, so the anti-counterfeiting information can be found in it. For example, for a bottle of Moutai with a laser anti-counterfeiting label, consumers scan the anti-counterfeiting feature area of ​​the anti-counterfeiting label through a mobile phone, and the anti-counterfeiting feature data of the laser anti-counterfeiting label collected by the camera forms a sub-data of an anti-counterfeiting feature. After this data is compared with the anti-counterfeiting information in the data mother database, users can get the corresponding result feedback. If they are consistent, this bottle of Moutai is the genuine product.

The above is some relevant knowledge of laser anti-counterfeiting label design. From the analysis of its graphic design function, we know that the label design must not only have anti-counterfeiting function, but also interact with users and be able to explain the product. Our common laser anti-counterfeit labels It should also have these functions. Secondly, its design also needs to have pseudo logic, each product has a unique anti-counterfeiting sub-data, corresponding to a data message in the parent database. To put it simply, the anti-counterfeiting information of the anti-counterfeiting laser mark is disassembled, one is placed on the product, the other is placed in the database, and the matching is the genuine product. I hope that the above explanation of the design of laser anti-counterfeiting labels can let everyone know more about anti-counterfeiting technology and realize that it is not easy to make.