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Why laser anti-counterfeiting labels are more and more important

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-17

Why laser anti-counterfeiting labels are more and more important

Recent yearsLaser security labelThere are more and more manufacturers, and the anti-counterfeiting label styles introduced are also various. There are laser anti-counterfeit labels that use laser holographic technology, which is equipped with multiple lines of defense to protect products, and there are anti-counterfeit QR code labels that use two-dimensional code technology to identify the authenticity of products by scanning the code. The launch of so many anti-counterfeiting products and the establishment of manufacturers are due to the market's demand for laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Let's understand the details below.


The current application of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is relatively wide. It can be used not only in the food and alcohol industries, but also in consumer industries such as cosmetics and clothing, not to mention the health care products and pharmaceutical industries. Products related to people's lives will use anti-counterfeiting technology to protect products from being counterfeited. In recent years, two-dimensional code scanning payment technology has been continuously improved, and two-dimensional codes have also been used to make anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional codes, making anti-counterfeiting more abundant.

The importance of laser anti-counterfeiting labels by so many industries is due to the improvement of people's living standards, which have certain requirements for the quality of goods. People are beginning to consciously pay attention to the authenticity of the product, instead of simply choosing a product as before, they will also verify the authenticity and value of the product. The increasing awareness of people's anti-counterfeiting is a major advancement in human civilization, and it also reflects a problem. That is, it is difficult for the government and other functional departments to restrain the illegal activities of counterfeit and inferior merchants. It needs to be restricted by the market. At this time, the laser anti-counterfeiting label plays a good role and can vigorously curb the counterfeiting of illegal businesses. Among the many anti-counterfeiting methods, the laser anti-counterfeiting label is a more effective way, so its importance is very great.

Through the above analysis, we know that the use rate of laser anti-counterfeiting labels in various industries is relatively high, and it has become an important link in the anti-counterfeiting work of commodities. Whether it is an anti-counterfeiting QR code or other anti-counterfeiting methods, it is to cater to the anti-counterfeiting needs of the new era, making the imitation costs of illegal businesses higher, and making them unprofitable to fundamentally curb counterfeiting. Laser anti-counterfeiting label technology is developing, and counterfeiters are also making progress. They are constantly studying the loopholes of anti-counterfeiting labels. Therefore, our research must continue to improve these loopholes. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are currently relatively advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and are more difficult to counterfeit. But this is not enough. People need to continue to research to discover more laser anti-counterfeiting label technologies.