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Explanation of laser anti-counterfeit label standard

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-17

Explanation of laser anti-counterfeit label standard

What we see everydayLaser security labelAll of them can be perfectly presented after many researches and achieve a good anti-counterfeiting effect.The anti-counterfeiting label factory has developed label products that meet market demand through the analysis of user needs. The laser anti-counterfeiting label is one of the products with relatively good anti-counterfeiting performance, which has a good anti-counterfeiting function. There are many anti-counterfeiting labels on the market, and not all products are qualified. Today, let’s learn about the standards for laser anti-counterfeiting labels.


The production standards for laser anti-counterfeiting labels must first be simple and easy to identify, because anti-counterfeiting labels are mainly for consumers, so they must be convenient for consumers to use. Consumers need to perform anti-counterfeiting identification very smoothly before purchasing goods. Only smoothly can consumers quickly confirm the authenticity of the goods. If the customer cannot find out the authenticity of a product through the laser anti-counterfeiting label for half a day, then the customer will have doubts about the product and will affect the sales of the product. Companies provide laser anti-counterfeiting labels to provide consumers with a tool for cognition of true and false, so that consumers are not deceived by counterfeit goods, and to improve the enthusiasm and efficiency of consumer identification. The anti-counterfeiting label factory should make the identification technology simple and convenient, so that consumers can quickly and accurately identify the authenticity of the product without using other complicated tools. Secondly, the production of laser anti-counterfeiting labels also requires safety and hard-to-forge standards, with technical thresholds and equipment thresholds, which increase the risk of counterfeiting investment.

The above is the description of the laser anti-counterfeiting label standard. Through the description, we know that its production standard is simple and easy to identify and safe and difficult to imitate. The main focus is on simple and easy-to-identify standards. In order to improve the identification efficiency of anti-counterfeit labels and increase consumers' enthusiasm for identification, the anti-counterfeiting label factory has focused on improving the convenience of anti-counterfeiting technology. The laser anti-counterfeiting labels commonly used by people nowadays are relatively complicated in terms of authenticity identification. It is hoped that through continuous research on laser technology, consumers can use it more conveniently. It is also hoped that the production standards of these laser anti-counterfeiting labels can make the development of the label industry better and better, and consumers can identify them more easily and safely.