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The impact of laser anti-counterfeiting labels on the printing industry

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-19

The impact of laser anti-counterfeiting labels on the printing industry

Laser security labelIn the last century, ink printing was mainly used, and the market demand at that time was relatively small. Until now, people's awareness of anti-counterfeiting has been continuously improved. The anti-counterfeiting effect of laser anti-counterfeiting labels has made a qualitative leap due to anti-counterfeiting technology, and anti-counterfeiting labels have been used more and more widely. The development of anti-counterfeiting laser labels and other labels in the market has had a certain impact on many industries, including the liquor industry and the automobile industry. Today we will take a detailed look at the impact of laser anti-counterfeiting labels on the printing industry.


The laser anti-counterfeiting label printing industry in my country only began to rise in the 1970s. Now the demand for anti-counterfeiting labels in all walks of life is increasing, and the label printing industry maintains an annual growth rate of about 15%. There are more than 6,000 companies engaged in label printing, and they are basically distributed in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Economic Zones. 80% of many printing companies can produce laser anti-counterfeiting labels, which can meet the needs of the domestic market. With the continuous development of my country's economy, the demand for anti-counterfeiting laser labels and other labels is still on the rise, and the development space of the domestic anti-counterfeiting label industry is unlimited. Such a large demand has driven the development of the entire printing industry. Both label equipment manufacturers and label printing material suppliers have developed correspondingly, and a relatively complete label printing industry chain is gradually being formed. As a non-copyable label product, the laser anti-counterfeiting label is a very remarkable thing to drive the development of the vast industry in actual printing.

The above is a simple analysis of the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Through the analysis, we know that its rapid and continuous development has played a very important role in the development of my country's printing industry. Whether laser anti-counterfeiting labels or QR code labels, they have driven the development of many printing equipment and printing materials industries. The production of an anti-counterfeiting laser mark will lead to the rise of an entire industry and form a printing industry chain. Such an impact is positive. With the continuous research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, the production of laser anti-counterfeiting labels will add more new materials and production equipment, which will have an increasing impact on the printing industry.