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How to solve the problem of confusion in the laser anti-counterfeit label market

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-16

How to solve the problem of confusion in the laser anti-counterfeit label market

just nowLaser security labelNone of the anti-counterfeiting websites printed inside have credibility, and these anti-counterfeiting websites are infiltrated by criminals. Some QR code anti-counterfeiting labels have problems with the authenticity of website information, and fake products can also be verified. Anti-counterfeiting label factories also have certain problems in this regard, and they have not done a good supervision. Today we will discuss in detail how to solve the problem of laser anti-counterfeiting label market chaos.


The laser anti-counterfeiting label has two reasons for this market chaos. The fundamental reason is that the law is not binding, the related management methods are not mandatory, and the regulations are not clear enough. Another reason is that the supervision is not strong enough, and the various departments cannot cooperate with each other. Once such a QR code anti-counterfeiting label is used by counterfeiters, it will contribute to fraud.

To solve the problem of the chaotic laser anti-counterfeiting label market, we must first clarify the supervision responsibilities of various departments, whether it is industry and commerce, public security or quality inspection of anti-counterfeiting, they must implement their respective responsibilities to reduce blind spots in supervision. At the same time, a closed-loop supervision system is implemented for anti-counterfeiting label factories at the source, and the entire production and circulation of anti-counterfeiting labels must be monitored to ensure the quality safety and technical safety of anti-counterfeiting products. We can also adopt better supervision methods abroad. One of them is to strictly monitor the manufacturers of laser anti-counterfeiting labels by government departments to supervise the production quantity of their products to prevent the labels from being exposed at the source.

Through the above analysis, we understand the chaotic phenomenon of the laser anti-counterfeiting label market, and have a clear solution. The solution of these problems mainly depends on the relevant government departments, perfecting the regulations of supervision, and conducting strict supervision and supervision of anti-counterfeiting label factories, so that the entire market can be more orderly. At present, the government's supervision in this area is still relatively weak, so whether it is a QR code anti-counterfeiting label or other labels, businesses must be careful not to easily trust the so-called 315 of commercial organizations. It is hoped that the description in this article can make government departments and businesses aware of the seriousness of the chaos in the laser anti-counterfeiting label market, and can better regulate the market.