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Overview of Jiannanchun laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-18

Overview of Jiannanchun laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Laser security labelThe application in liquor is more challenging, because liquor is highly profitable and has always been favored by counterfeiters. In order to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting of wine, various forms of labels such as tag anti-counterfeiting labels have been continuously introduced and continuously improved. Merchants and anti-counterfeiting label factories have never stopped their joint efforts to fight counterfeit and inferior merchants, and the anti-counterfeiting effect of their joint efforts is still good. Let's walk into Jiannanchun Winery together to learn about its laser anti-counterfeiting labels.


The anti-counterfeiting technology of the Jiannanchun laser anti-counterfeiting label starts from the source, and its outer packaging can be opened once the pull ring is opened, so that counterfeiters cannot recycle. Jiannanchun has its own unique anti-counterfeiting label texture. When manufacturing the tag anti-counterfeiting label, it will embed its texture, making the label random and difficult to copy. This textured thread is in the middle of the paper, so the direction of the texture is the same when viewed from the front and back. Generally, fake laser anti-counterfeiting labels are mostly printed with ink on the front and inlaid with hair on the back, and the direction is not regular. The anti-counterfeiting technology that Jiannanchun manufacturer cooperates with the anti-counterfeiting label factory is very advanced. People can pick out the texture fiber with a needle for the visible texture on the label. It is difficult for counterfeiters to achieve this degree of anti-counterfeiting technology. Generally speaking, the laser anti-counterfeiting label of Jiannanchun must contain three anti-counterfeiting conditions at the same time, namely, the serial number must be correct, the texture distribution and the result of consumer inquiry must be the same, and the fiber must be able to be picked out of the paper.

The above is an overview of the Jiannanchun laser anti-counterfeiting label. Through the overview, we know that this label has many features, especially its texture design. If a tag anti-counterfeiting label adopts this kind of texture design, it is difficult for counterfeiters to counterfeit in printing technology and design, so they can achieve high-efficiency anti-counterfeiting. This kind of texture design cooperated by the anti-counterfeiting label factory and Jiannanchun manufacturer is unique, and it also has Jiannanchun's own characteristics. I believe that through their efforts, they can do well in the future anti-counterfeiting work. It is hoped that the principle of this laser anti-counterfeiting label can also inspire other businesses to develop their own unique label technology.