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Overview of the application technologies of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-20

Overview of the application technologies of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Laser holographic anti-counterfeitingIt is an anti-counterfeiting concept that was proposed long ago. It has the advantages of high imitation difficulty, exquisite production and good anti-counterfeiting effect, so it is widely used by major industries around the world. As its application becomes more and more mature, more and more technologies are used in combination. In order to better understand laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, let's take a look at what advanced technologies it uses.


Combining many laser holographic anti-counterfeiting products from the market, we have summarized the following multiple application technologies:

1. Invisible encryption technology: An encryption pattern can be made at any position of the logo. The encryption pattern can only see the corresponding information under the use of a laser.

2. Computer dot matrix holography technology: Use the computer to observe the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting pattern 360°, you can see the combination of circular, radial or spiral light spots, the whole is very changeable, giving people a visual beauty.

3. Double-layer holographic technology: After uncovering the surface layer of the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label, you can see the printed text or pattern on the bottom layer, and people can perform secondary verification based on it to make the anti-counterfeiting more secure.

4. Fluorescence encryption holographic technology: This is the same as the fluorescence encryption principle of RMB, but due to the limitation of production cost, many businesses will not use this technology.

5. Telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology: Combining laser holographic anti-counterfeiting with telephone code anti-counterfeiting has been the standard configuration of anti-counterfeiting labels for many years. People can inquire and verify data according to the telephone and telecode on the label. If in the telephone inquiry, the code information is inconsistent with the central database, it means that the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label is fake, and the product is also fake.