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Laser anti-counterfeiting label based on anti-counterfeiting material anti-transfer technology

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-28

Laser anti-counterfeiting label based on anti-counterfeiting material anti-transfer technology

Laser security labelAs a relatively advanced anti-counterfeiting method, companies have relatively high requirements for label anti-counterfeiting strength and exquisite design. The anti-counterfeiting label on the market now requires a high degree of exquisiteness, and most brand owners regard it as a decoration of their products. The anti-counterfeiting label factory is constantly improving the anti-counterfeiting technology according to the requirements of the brand owners, and constantly looking for new breakthroughs in the anti-transfer technology. Let's take a look at the anti-counterfeiting technology of the laser anti-counterfeiting label based on the anti-counterfeiting material.


Laser anti-counterfeiting labels based on anti-counterfeiting materials transfer technology refers to the use of different technical means for materials so that counterfeiters cannot transfer the anti-counterfeiting labels, thereby increasing the effect of anti-counterfeiting. Now anti-counterfeiting label factories have developed many different anti-transfer materials, such as layered materials and fragile paper. Once these labels are pasted, the anti-counterfeiting materials will be damaged when they are uncovered again, making them impossible to use again.

Laser anti-counterfeiting labels contain many materials with anti-transfer technology. The following is a detailed understanding of fragile paper materials. The surface strength of fragile paper materials is relatively low. The adhesive on the back is generally selected as a relatively high-viscosity glue. The tear strength is much smaller than the tear strength of the adhesive on the back, making the label easy to tear and cannot be removed after being pasted, effectively eliminating the secondary use of the anti-counterfeiting label. If the tag anti-counterfeiting label uses this kind of anti-transfer material, the anti-counterfeiting label will not be used again unless the counterfeiter transfers the entire tag. In order to avoid abnormal damage to the fragile paper, the manufacturer can process the waste through printing and die-cutting, and manually discharge the waste. If you want this material to have good processing performance, you need to pay a relatively expensive cost. In this case, the laser anti-counterfeiting label Production costs will also rise.

The above is the analysis of the anti-transfer technology of the laser anti-counterfeiting label based on the anti-counterfeiting material. The anti-transfer technology is mainly described through the fragile paper material. The glue that is stronger than the fragile paper is selected so that the label cannot be used again after use. The construction of anti-counterfeiting label factories may not be so easy in this regard, and the cost may also increase. However, in order to improve the anti-counterfeiting efficiency of tag anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-transfer technology is a key point that must be broken through. I hope that through the description in this article, everyone can better understand the anti-transfer technology based on anti-counterfeiting materials, and hope that manufacturers can use this technology to enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect of laser anti-counterfeiting labels.