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Explanation of laser anti-counterfeiting label aluminum film material

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-21

Explanation of laser anti-counterfeiting label aluminum film material

Laser security labelIt plays a very important role in people's lives and business trade, and is an effective means for businesses to protect their products and brands. There are many applications of anti-counterfeiting technology, including laser anti-counterfeiting labels with holographic technology, and the use of temperature-sensitive luminescence technology. There are also many materials used, including anti-counterfeiting laser labels with laser aluminized film and two-dimensional code labels with composite film. Each technology and material is to better produce the corresponding laser anti-counterfeiting label, let us understand the micro-scale aluminum film material.


A good quality laser anti-counterfeiting label needs to be fitted with anti-counterfeiting technology in the selection of materials to make the anti-counterfeiting technology play a better role. Micro-scale aluminum film materials are relatively common in people's lives. Polyester is usually used as the reference material to obtain a uniform aluminum film on its surface, which is often used for food preservation. It is also widely used in other applications, not only for membrane electronic switches, but also for making smart labels. The cling film seems to have nothing to do with the laser anti-counterfeiting label, but the micro-scale aluminum film on the cling film can be oxidized to change its transmittance to a certain extent, and it can be made into a cheap and simple micro-scale self-oxidation. The aluminum film is covered on the anti-counterfeiting laser mark to achieve an efficient anti-counterfeiting effect. Its oxidation mechanism is to select conductive graphite and other materials at different points as the cathode. The electrical oxidation reaction causes the conductivity and permeability of the micro-scale aluminum film to change suddenly, which is suitable for the production of laser anti-counterfeiting labels.

The above is the explanation of the micro-scale aluminum film in the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Through the explanation, we know that this material is relatively common and cheaper, and is widely used. After self-oxidation, it becomes a relatively thin film and covers it on the anti-counterfeiting laser label, successfully achieving the function of anti-counterfeiting. The discovery of this material is based on people's continuous research on it, in order to combine two different things, plastic wrap and anti-counterfeiting laser label, and the combination is not bad. I hope that through the explanation of aluminum film materials, everyone will be inspired to research on laser anti-counterfeiting label materials, and more new materials will be developed to make anti-counterfeiting better and better.