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The description of Schwartz's application by anti-counterfeiting label factory

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-18

The description of Schwartz's application by anti-counterfeiting label factory

Jiannanchun Group andAnti-counterfeiting label factoryWorking together, we launched a unique anti-counterfeiting label, which made many counterfeiters stop. It integrates Schwartz technology and laser anti-counterfeiting labels, so that the labels are equipped with eight anti-counterfeiting checkpoints. From the technical level, it is not comparable to ordinary laser anti-counterfeiting labels. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label has become a demonstration label in the liquor industry. Let's learn about the application of Schwartz technology by the anti-counterfeiting label factory.


Jiannanchun Group and the anti-counterfeiting label factory have made many attempts in anti-counterfeiting technology, and have achieved very good results in the integration with German Schwartz technology, so that Jiannanchun anti-counterfeiting labels have eight anti-counterfeiting features. First, the laser anti-counterfeiting label is irradiated by ultraviolet light, and the corresponding "anti-counterfeiting" and "identification" words have anti-copying orange and random fluorescent dots, and counterfeiters cannot copy them. In the production process, high-precision bronzing micro-labels are used. After the label is heated, the pink color on the right side becomes lighter, and then returns to pink after it disappears. The anti-counterfeiting label factory also marked the miniature text below the two Chinese characters "anti-counterfeiting" and "identification". Under the detection window, the color of the gusset pattern on both sides of the anti-counterfeiting label is different, mostly red and green, and the gusset pattern also adopts miniature English text. Ordinary laser anti-counterfeiting labels can't make so much. The details are handled. The safety film cut design on the Jiannanchun wine bottle is very obvious, which can prevent the label from being recycled. The anti-counterfeiting label factory uses a laser pointer to detect the bright spot between the gusset pattern and R of the anti-counterfeiting label.

The above is the application of Schwartz technology by Jiannanchun Group and anti-counterfeiting label factory. Through the description, we understand that the anti-counterfeiting features of this technology are very rich. It puts eight layers of armor on the laser anti-counterfeiting label, which prevents counterfeiters from breaking through eight levels and achieves a high degree of anti-counterfeiting. The application of this technology makes Jiannanchun anti-counterfeiting labels more distinctive than ordinary laser anti-counterfeiting labels, and it is very brilliant in handling various details. It is hoped that this Schwartz technology can be applied to more industries. At the same time, it is also hoped that the anti-counterfeiting label factory can make further breakthroughs and develop more market-competitive anti-counterfeiting technologies.