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Exploration of the combination of 3D code technology and laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-18

Exploration of the combination of 3D code technology and laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Many anti-counterfeiting labels on the market now useLaser holographic anti-counterfeitingTechnology. This technology has a high gold content and is difficult to imitate, which can effectively protect products from being imitated. It uses the holographic imaging principle to randomly combine different color blocks to form a specific laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label. Now the application of this technology in the anti-counterfeiting label industry has been very mature. In order to further improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the label, experts have combined the 3D code technology with it. Let’s take a closer look.


The combination of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting and three-dimensional technology allows the anti-counterfeiting label to have both the beautiful and difficult-to-imitate pattern of laser holography and the integration of three-dimensional code and multiple information. Three-dimensional code technology is developed on the basis of two-dimensional codes. It combines physical anti-counterfeiting and information technology to solve the problem of easy duplication of ordinary two-dimensional codes. Through AI recognition technology, it can be seen that the three-dimensional code mechanism is very three-dimensional, which is difficult to imitate. The anti-counterfeiting label will convert the password information into a three-dimensional code, and then use the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology to make a layer of coverage on the three-dimensional code. This coverage will not affect AI recognition, and at the same time it can have anti-counterfeiting features. The three-dimensional code and laser holographic cover layer on each anti-counterfeiting label are different, so that the authenticity of the product can be guaranteed from two aspects.

However, the combination of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting and 3D code technology is still in the research stage. Only in December last year did the China National Defense Industry Association officially promulgated the "Technical Conditions for Structural 3D Code Anti-counterfeiting". When using 3D code technology, manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting labels must comply with the above conditions. The combined use of 3D codes and laser holographic anti-counterfeiting requires breakthroughs in printing technology to achieve a good combination effect and provide more effective anti-counterfeiting protection for anti-counterfeiting labels.