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Overview of the exploration of West Lake Longjing laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-03

Overview of the exploration of West Lake Longjing laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Laser security labelAs a corporate brand identity card, it should have a certain degree of credibility, but in reality, many illegal businesses will exploit various loopholes and counterfeit goods. The anti-counterfeiting label factory has also been committed to fighting against illegal businesses to prevent counterfeiters from counterfeiting, and constantly breaking through laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technologies. West Lake Longjing is a well-known tea brand in my country, and they have never stopped exploring laser anti-counterfeiting labels on their products.


The West Lake Longjing laser anti-counterfeiting label is different from ordinary labels. Its owner is not a single company. The tea farmers in West Lake can have proper anti-counterfeiting labels. This brings a certain degree of difficulty to the anti-counterfeiting work. At present, you can buy 50 regular laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels for 700 yuan on the market. A label less than 14 yuan can represent 250 grams of authentic West Lake Longjing. In order to protect the interests of the original West Lake Longjing tea factory, the Hangzhou government cooperated with the anti-counterfeiting label factory to launch the tea farmer's standard. This tea farmer's standard can not only distinguish the authenticity, but also has the function of traceability. As long as you scan the QR code of the tea farmer standard with your mobile phone, you can get the detailed information of the tea source and tea farmer. With the use of tea farming labels, many problems have been exposed. Some government officials abused tea farming labels, which hindered the anti-counterfeiting effect of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. In order to track the source of each tea more clearly and accurately, the Hangzhou government began to use blockchain technology to trace the entire process from tea farmers' picking to logistics sales, and integrate this information with laser anti-counterfeiting labels.

The above is the related exploration of West Lake Longjing laser anti-counterfeiting label. From the initial traditional label to the current block chain joint anti-counterfeiting, it reflects the determination of West Lake Longjing anti-counterfeiting. The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology was constantly innovated on the anti-counterfeiting exploration road in West Lake Longjing, and then it was broken by counterfeiters. The Hangzhou government began to cooperate with anti-counterfeiting label factories to ensure the regularity of each tea through tea traceability, and to enhance the anti-counterfeiting in this area through blockchain technology. From the description of this article, it can be seen that the anti-counterfeiting work of a famous brand is relatively difficult and will encounter many difficulties. People need to constantly explore to make the laser anti-counterfeiting label play a greater role.