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The value of anti-static laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-25

The value of anti-static laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Laser security labelFrom the initial development to the present, great progress has been made in technology, providing anti-counterfeiting work for many industries. Anti-counterfeiting label factories are also constantly innovating in the use of materials, striving to meet the needs of more users. There are some tag anti-counterfeit labels that are not anti-electric, and there will be some problems when they are used. Especially in the current era of e-commerce, this problem becomes more serious. Let's understand the value of anti-static laser anti-counterfeiting labels.


Laser anti-counterfeiting labels generally do not consider whether they are prone to static electricity when they are made, but only focus on their anti-counterfeiting effects. But now there are more and more e-commerce products, and there are more logistics packages everywhere, and goods are gradually being delivered to consumers in the form of logistics. Anti-counterfeiting label factories found that logistics packages generally use polymer materials, which have high resistivity and, in general, are prone to static electricity. If the accumulated electrostatic charge reaches a certain amount, it will generate static sparks when it comes into contact with zero-potential objects, which may cause a fire or explosion.

There are some laser anti-counterfeiting labels on these packages. If these labels are made of the same material as the packaging materials, they are likely to cause fire and cause production safety accidents. If left alone, it will cause huge economic losses. Moreover, the rampant of counterfeit anti-counterfeiting products in logistics products has a great relationship with the insufficiency of logistics packaging technology and tag anti-counterfeiting label technology, and the deficiencies of the two will harm the interests of consumers. Dual-function packaging materials and laser anti-counterfeiting labels that have both antistatic and anti-counterfeiting properties are particularly important, which can make packages and products safer.

In this paper, a detailed analysis of the laser anti-counterfeiting labels and logistics packages made of polymers, we know that this material is prone to static electricity and has certain security risks. If the anti-counterfeiting label factory blindly ignores this phenomenon, static electricity may cause a fire, so antistatic packaging materials are very important. If the anti-counterfeiting label of the tag and the outer packaging of the logistics package can be combined, and anti-static materials are used, the counterfeiting of the goods will be reduced, and the safety will be more guaranteed. I hope that through the analysis of this article, everyone can realize the value of anti-static laser anti-counterfeiting labels and move closer to the direction of anti-static in future production.