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Description of laser anti-counterfeiting label manufacturing process

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-08

Description of laser anti-counterfeiting label manufacturing process

Laser security labelIt is a talisman for wine and other products. It is generally made by the manufacturer to provide corresponding information, and then the anti-counterfeiting label factory provides the anti-counterfeiting technology and production process. Different anti-counterfeiting labels have different requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology and production processes. For example, anti-counterfeiting laser labels use laser technology, and the requirements for printed materials are relatively strict. Today, we will learn more about laser anti-counterfeiting labels through the alcohol industry. Manufacturing process.


The production of alcohol laser anti-counterfeiting labels requires businesses to sort out their own corporate qualifications, mainly including business licenses, production licenses, and label registration certificates. These qualifications will be stamped with an official seal and sent to the anti-counterfeiting label factory. The manufacturer will review these Whether the qualification is true or false is determined whether to cooperate with the company. After the review is passed, the merchant should provide the manufacturer with information such as the name of the brand and the LOGO of the trademark. The manufacturer then designs a variety of alcohol laser anti-counterfeiting labels according to the needs of the merchant. Merchants can have a variety of different options. After selecting the label, both parties will sign and confirm the corresponding planning manuscript. After the two parties negotiated the price and the date of delivery and other aspects, they began to sign an agreement. The anti-counterfeiting label factory must perform a confidential agreement and cannot disclose any information of the merchant. The anti-counterfeiting labels of commodities are coded one-to-one. Generally, the anti-counterfeiting labels produced by manufacturers are only semi-finished products, and the merchants’ own production lines are required to complete the subsequent labeling work. This is the case with the commonly used anti-counterfeiting laser labels for alcoholic beverages. Only the winery needs to establish identity information for the label in order to achieve a real anti-counterfeiting effect.

The above is the manufacturing process of the laser anti-counterfeiting label. Through analysis, we understand that this requires the cooperation of the merchant and the label manufacturer to complete a qualified anti-counterfeiting label. The anti-counterfeiting label factory uses various technologies and processes to create a body of an anti-counterfeiting label, and then the merchant assigns it unique information and identity corresponding to a single product, so that this product has an efficient anti-counterfeiting method like an anti-counterfeiting laser label. In this manufacturing process, the label manufacturer needs to protect the information of the merchant, and manage every laser anti-counterfeiting label produced, so that the label of the customer cannot be leaked out and used by criminals to fake it.