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Discussion on Anti-counterfeit Laser Mark Die-cutting Knife

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-30

Discussion on Anti-counterfeit Laser Mark Die-cutting Knife

Our commonAnti-counterfeiting laser markThe shape is more diversified, and there are fewer simple rectangular patterns. The design of this shape is not simply to make the laser anti-counterfeiting label look good, but to have a better anti-counterfeiting effect. In order to meet the production requirements of various flower shapes, the anti-counterfeiting label factory has researched many production processes, one of which is the die-cutting knife. Let's learn more about the lower die-cutting knife from the anti-counterfeiting laser label.


There may be many kinds of surface materials for anti-counterfeiting laser labels, and they can all realize cutting through the label surface in different directions by adding different direction knives in the die-cutting blade design. Knife cutting can destroy the force structure on the surface of the laser anti-counterfeiting label, so that no matter which direction the label is lifted, the label will be torn in the direction of the cut line, thereby achieving the effect of destroying the label. The key to this process is the design of the flower knife process, paying special attention to the shape and position of the flower knife.

The anti-counterfeiting laser marking die-cutting knife process is generally manual when labeling in the later stage. You need to pay attention to the position of the knife and not too close to the edge of the label lifted by the backing paper. This is because it is easier to cause the label during manual labeling. Secondary damage. When the anti-counterfeiting label factory produces labels with a scraping ink design, remember to avoid the ink scraping position when designing the die-cutting knife, or you can use the flower knife line to follow the conventional scraping direction. Such a measure can prevent consumers from accidentally scratching the anti-counterfeiting laser mark when scraping off the covering ink, causing the information covered by the scraping ink to be destroyed and unable to query the real anti-counterfeiting information.

The die-cutting knife craftsmanship of anti-counterfeiting laser mark is very similar to the art of paper-cutting in our country. Many of these processes are done by hand, and it requires many skilled manual masters in the anti-counterfeiting label factory to complete the production quickly and with quality. Because the production cannot be fully automated, the production cost of laser anti-counterfeiting labels using this process is relatively high. It is hoped that the process of die-cutting knives can be continuously improved, so that it can realize semi-automatic processes, reduce the production cost of anti-counterfeiting laser labels and other labels, and make the anti-counterfeiting effect better and better.