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The application of laser anti-counterfeiting labels in Google mobile phones

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-03

The application of laser anti-counterfeiting labels in Google mobile phones

Laser security labelIt is not only a relatively effective anti-counterfeiting method in China, but also an effective way to prevent counterfeiting of foreign commodities. Foreign code anti-counterfeiting labels are relatively advanced, and counterfeiters need to spend a lot of cost to prevent them. The anti-counterfeiting QR code technology in China is also relatively mature, providing anti-counterfeiting services for many products, and covering a wide range of industries. Today we look at how Google mobile phones use laser anti-counterfeiting labels for anti-counterfeiting work.


Before Google mobile phones adopted laser anti-counterfeiting labels, Google fans could only screen the quality of mobile phones through touch and other methods, and judge whether they were products of the original manufacturer. There are many counterfeit manufacturers purchasing real Google mobile phones for imitation, and the Google series mobile phones bought on the market are increasingly prone to parallel imports. Inspired by the code anti-counterfeiting label, Google began to formally apply anti-counterfeiting technology to the production of products.

Google puts a laser anti-counterfeiting label on the packaging box of the mobile phone. The label is painted with a big G and many small bubbles. The label is silver when viewed from the front, but it will become colorful when viewed from the side. It is different from the anti-counterfeiting QR code, it does not need to be scanned for protection, just like a LOGO, it has a certain degree of credibility. The technology of this anti-counterfeiting label has not been leaked yet, so it is difficult for counterfeiters to forge it. Because this laser anti-counterfeiting label is printed on the packaging box, there is a loophole in the anti-counterfeiting. Counterfeiters can collect the packaging box and put the fake mobile phone in the real packaging box for sale.

The above is the application of laser anti-counterfeiting labels in Google mobile phones. It has greatly changed the phenomenon of the proliferation of fake Google mobile phones in the domestic market, allowing consumers to buy real products. But it also has a serious loophole. It cannot be directly printed on the product itself like a general code anti-counterfeiting label, but can only be printed on the packaging box. Anti-counterfeiting labels such as anti-counterfeiting QR codes are not very suitable for printing directly on mobile phone shells, so it is unrealistic to mark anti-counterfeiting labels directly on mobile phones. It is hoped that through the continuous research of technology, the technical barriers of laser anti-counterfeiting labels can be broken through, which can be directly printed on mobile phones for anti-counterfeiting without affecting the appearance of mobile phones.