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Explanation of the importance of laser anti-counterfeit label traceability system

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-12

Explanation of the importance of laser anti-counterfeit label traceability system

We occasionally seeLaser security labelCounterfeit news. Most of these news are counterfeiters who imitate the appearance of anti-counterfeiting labels so that consumers cannot distinguish between genuine and fake. After the anti-counterfeiting laser mark was developed, this counterfeiting phenomenon has a certain trend of alleviation, and the news of counterfeiting is relatively rare. Anti-counterfeiting label factories are also constantly improving their anti-counterfeiting technology and increasing the cost of counterfeiting by counterfeiters, but they have not strengthened the system protection of laser anti-counterfeiting label traceability, which has caused a great impact.


The laser anti-counterfeiting label system is very important, and it will be easily broken by criminals if it is not technically enhanced. Two years ago, the Zunyi Court of Guizhou tried a case of counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting. The illegal counterfeiters used technology to exploit the loopholes in the anti-counterfeiting system built by Kweichow Moutai and anti-counterfeiting label factories to hack into this system and add them to the system. Fake anti-counterfeiting data. The liquor they produced imitated the outer packaging of Moutai, made blank laser anti-counterfeiting labels, and wrote the added fake data into these blank labels so that they could successfully pass the anti-counterfeiting verification.

At the beginning, the Moutai Group thought that the anti-counterfeiting technology of the laser anti-counterfeiting label was counterfeited, so it improved the label. The anti-counterfeiting technology and printed materials have been replaced, and advanced anti-counterfeiting laser labels have been used, but there are still a large number of counterfeit goods on the market. After full investigation by the public security organs, the criminals were found, and it was realized that there was a problem with the anti-counterfeiting traceability system. The importance of this system can be seen. Once it goes wrong, how to reform the laser anti-counterfeiting label is futile.

The above is an explanation of the importance of the laser anti-counterfeiting label traceability system. Through analysis, we understand that the traceability system is the source data for identifying the authenticity of the product. If this data is tampered with, it is equivalent to the criminal possessing legal anti-counterfeiting information. Even if the anti-counterfeiting label factory improves the labeling technology no matter how powerful it is, it cannot prevent anti-counterfeiting. The traceability system is like their green channel, so the use of anti-counterfeiting laser labels behind Moutai will not help. It is hoped that the description of this article can enable more merchants and label manufacturers to realize the importance of anti-counterfeiting label traceability system, and strengthen the maintenance of the system while improving the laser anti-counterfeiting label.