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Explanation of laser anti-counterfeiting label for seed material

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-10

Explanation of laser anti-counterfeiting label for seed material

Laser security labelIt is a common anti-counterfeiting method for goods. There are many anti-counterfeiting technologies on the market, and the styles presented are also different. Some show the style of anti-counterfeiting QR codes, and some show very gorgeous patterns. These labels are all produced by anti-counterfeiting label factories, but the seed anti-counterfeiting labels we understand today are not made by artificial methods. They are formed naturally by the seed material. Let’s take a closer look at this laser anti-counterfeiting label.


Each seed material has its unique laser anti-counterfeiting label. These are its ID cards, which are an effective way to distinguish the seed material. Compared with other stones, the big difference between seed material is its pores, which are unique and not available in other stones. During the formation of the river channel, the seed material was constantly impacted by water, causing the tiny debris on its surface to be peeled off. It can be said that the river channel is equivalent to the anti-counterfeiting label factory, and the water stream is the processing machine. After years of scouring, a unique seed material is formed. The pores of each seed material are large or small, and the pores are not round. Generally, the pores can only be seen clearly when the seed material is rotated at a certain angle. Just as the anti-counterfeiting QR code needs to be scanned to verify the authenticity of the product, we can also determine its authenticity by rotating the seed material. Another feature of the seed material is the skin color, which is affected by various minerals during the long formation process, and the skin color will form from the inside to the outside. These pores and skin colors are equivalent to laser anti-counterfeiting labels for seed materials. If the color is floating on the surface, it is a fake product, and if the color is gradual, it is true.

The above is the description of the seed material laser anti-counterfeiting label. Through the explanation, we know that this is not a traditional anti-counterfeiting label, it is formed by the pores and skin color of the seed material itself. Nature is an anti-counterfeiting label factory. Through the erosion of seed material by water and the influence of various minerals, it forms a special seed material from inside to outside. The anti-counterfeit QR code is scanned to obtain the authenticity information, and the seeds can be viewed by rotating and observing the authenticity of the device. I hope that the analysis in this article will allow you to understand the details of the laser anti-counterfeiting label for seed material, know how to judge the authenticity of the seed material, and select the real seed material.