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Anti-counterfeiting label factory's label requirements

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-29

Anti-counterfeiting label factory's label requirements

Anti-counterfeiting label factoryWhether it is competitive in the market depends on its technical research capabilities and its manufacturing capabilities. For example, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, how to ensure that one item is one code, how to ensure that the anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code is not copied and not counterfeited is very important. If the product's anti-counterfeiting effect is good, then the anti-counterfeiting label factory will have more and more brands to cooperate with it. In order to ensure the quality of the anti-counterfeiting product, the label manufacturer must also have certain requirements for their products.


Before the anti-counterfeiting label factory cooperates with brand merchants, they all have their own technology and production lines. If they want to obtain customer orders, they must convince the merchants of the strength of the manufacturer, so manufacturers must first ensure the quality of their anti-counterfeiting products. First of all, the anti-counterfeiting label must be non-transferable. For example, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label must be able to correspond to an anti-counterfeiting code for a product, and this anti-counterfeiting code cannot be transferred and cannot be counterfeited. The second anti-counterfeiting label must be stable. Some anti-counterfeiting label factories use fluorescent ink printing technology. The anti-counterfeiting label is easy to fall off and lose its anti-counterfeiting performance, which will affect the later cooperation with customers. The third anti-counterfeiting label must be secure. The information database must be set up with an independent server that cannot be compromised by hackers or other counterfeiters to ensure the confidentiality of anti-counterfeiting QR codes, laser tags, and tag tags. The fourth anti-counterfeiting label must have a multi-channel identification function. The anti-counterfeiting label factory will encounter many different types of customers, so it must be able to have multiple identification channels such as telephone calls, text messages, and Internet queries to meet the needs of different customers.

The role of anti-counterfeiting label factories in anti-counterfeiting work is very important. Every order needs to be paid attention to. Before cooperation between manufacturers and merchants, they must verify the relevant qualifications of the merchants, and then produce anti-counterfeit QR codes or other anti-counterfeiting for them after verification. label. At the same time, beware of the penetration of anti-counterfeiting factories by counterfeiters and theft of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels or other anti-counterfeiting products through employees. If the manufacturer's regular anti-counterfeiting products are lost to the market and used by criminals, the owner of the anti-counterfeiting label factory will need to bear certain legal responsibilities.