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Why the anti-counterfeit QR code should be covered with coating

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-22

Why the anti-counterfeit QR code should be covered with coating

Anti-counterfeiting QR CodeIts anti-counterfeiting effect is very good, and many counterfeiters cannot break through it after it is applied to product packaging. Different anti-counterfeiting label factories use two-dimensional codes differently. Some do not coat two-dimensional codes, and some use the same coating process as holographic anti-counterfeit labels. Most manufacturers and brand owners prefer the process of coating coverage. Let's understand the reasons for the anti-counterfeiting QR code.


Each anti-counterfeiting QR code corresponds to a unique anti-counterfeiting code, and the anti-counterfeiting codes of all products will form a huge anti-counterfeiting database. This database is generally established by brand owners and anti-counterfeiting label factories. There is no picture of the QR code in this database, but the associated code of the QR code, which is generally a series of numbers. Using the anti-counterfeiting code in the database to the corresponding software system can produce the anti-counterfeiting QR code, and the manufacturer will print it out and place it on the product. Because the holographic anti-counterfeiting label can only be checked for authenticity once, when the authenticity is checked for the second time, the consumer will be reminded of the time of the first query, thereby preventing the counterfeit label from being used twice. The anti-counterfeiting QR code is covered with a coating to prevent counterfeiters from reusing it. Consumers must check the authenticity and can only check after purchasing the product. The time of the first query will also be displayed during the second query. Counterfeit It is difficult to imitate the business.

The coating covering process of the anti-counterfeiting QR code is not complicated, and many label factories can do it. Although the coating process is simple, it plays a finishing touch. The anti-counterfeiting label factory uses it to protect the label, which can prevent the QR code from being scanned randomly and make the database information more secure. The two-dimensional code label covered by this coating has the same anti-counterfeiting performance as the holographic anti-counterfeiting label, and is a popular and popular anti-counterfeiting method at this stage. It is hoped that with the development of science and technology in various fields, the application of anti-counterfeiting QR codes in various industries can be more complete and effective.