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The role of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels in tobacco

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-15

The role of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels in tobacco

QR code anti-counterfeiting labelThe production cost is relatively low, so many businesses in many industries like to use this anti-counterfeiting label. This kind of two-dimensional code label is different from the holographic anti-counterfeiting label, and it carries a lot of information, which is difficult for counterfeiters to imitate. The anti-counterfeiting label factory uses various technologies and methods to make the anti-counterfeiting label more effective and can be applied to various industries more maturely. Let's take a look at the application of the QR code anti-counterfeiting label in the tobacco industry.


The use of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels in the tobacco industry is a trend in the future. Why do you say that? Relying on the two-dimensional code technology, tobacco companies can establish information and information related systems from raw material production to consumers, and consumers can view a lot of detailed tobacco information. Anti-counterfeiting label factories apply QR codes to tobacco packaging, which can not only realize product quality tracking and positioning, but also improve the quality of cigarette products based on tobacco market information. It can be said that QR code anti-counterfeit labels play a role in product quality supervision effect. We all know that tobacco is a highly profitable industry, and its production is subject to government control. Many counterfeiters will see this high profit margin and will privately manufacture tobacco products and destroy the tobacco market. Anti-counterfeiting measures such as holographic anti-counterfeiting labels and QR code anti-counterfeiting can curb this illegal behavior and make the tobacco industry more standardized.

The QR code anti-counterfeiting label can build an intelligent decision-making and control network system for tobacco products involving manufacturing, quality traceability, logistics management, inventory management, supply chain management, monopoly management, and collaborative management, and the cooperation between anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers and merchants It will make it difficult for counterfeiters to break through the QR code technology. And this technology not only has anti-counterfeiting functions, it also has marketing functions that holographic anti-counterfeiting labels do not have, and can collect product sales information. It can be said that the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label optimizes the industrial upgrading and innovative technology of the tobacco industry, and improves the management level of the industry.