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How to strengthen enterprise management for anti-counterfeiting label factories

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-29

How to strengthen enterprise management for anti-counterfeiting label factories

Anti-counterfeiting label factoryAs the manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting labels, they play a vital role in the anti-counterfeiting industry. When they produce a series of products such as QR code anti-counterfeiting labels for merchants, they must pass the anti-counterfeiting technology and the production process, so that counterfeiters cannot successfully imitate. Anti-counterfeiting QR code, etc. In addition to improving the anti-counterfeiting technology and production process, the anti-counterfeiting label factory also needs to do a good job in corporate management to prevent the leakage of formal anti-counterfeiting labels and being used by counterfeiters.


Anti-counterfeiting label factories want to prevent product leakage and need to strengthen management from several aspects. First of all, we must strengthen the sense of responsibility of every employee, not to do things that damage the company's interests, and not to do things that are illegal. Secondly, it is necessary to establish a complete management system. Take the production of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels as an example. From the purchase of materials to the production of products on the production line, the quantity must be registered, and a team leader shall be set up to manage and supervise each production line. Establish a cross-level reporting system. Once employees discover that someone has stolen anti-counterfeit QR codes and other products, they can report them in a timely and effective manner. If the situation is true, the corresponding employees need to be rewarded. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting label factory must do a good job of product packaging, once the anti-counterfeiting product packaging is opened, there will be obvious traces to prevent logistics or others from transferring products. In addition to the system, the anti-counterfeiting label factory also needs to install surveillance cameras in the production workshop to supervise the production of workers.

The work of anti-counterfeiting label factories to strengthen corporate management is not a matter of overnight, and a large system needs to be established to ensure the overall direction. It is also necessary to do a good job in the supervision of a single customer's single product when producing a certain customer anti-counterfeiting label, such as a QR code anti-counterfeiting label. At the same time, employees should be informed about their responsibilities from time to time, so that they can exercise self-discipline and mutual supervision in the production of anti-counterfeiting QR codes. I believe that through the efforts of the anti-counterfeiting label factory, workers will not be used by counterfeiters, and the anti-counterfeiting work will be safer and more secure.