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The difference between the two forms of code anti-counterfeiting label

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-18

The difference between the two forms of code anti-counterfeiting label

Code anti-counterfeiting labelIt is a common type of anti-counterfeiting label and has been welcomed by many industries for many years. Consumers can verify authenticity through 400 calls, text messages or other online forms on the anti-counterfeiting label. Although the code anti-counterfeiting label has changed with the continuous development of science, its material printing and anti-counterfeiting techniques have changed, but its anti-counterfeiting forms are still mainly scratch-off and uncovered.


The verification process of the scratch-off electronic code anti-counterfeiting label is to scrape off the anti-counterfeiting ink on the anti-counterfeiting label to obtain the anti-counterfeiting password hidden under the ink. People verify the password in the form of phone calls or text messages to obtain the authenticity of the product. This form of anti-counterfeiting is relatively simple in production, and only requires a certain grasp of ink printing technology. However, because of this, it is relatively easy for counterfeiters to imitate such code anti-counterfeiting labels.

The difficulty of imitation of uncovered code anti-counterfeiting labels is relatively higher. On the label, there will be a tearable verification area, which uses paper bonding technology to achieve damage when opened. When people tear off the label, it will be damaged, and counterfeiters cannot copy it onto fake products. This kind of code anti-counterfeiting label has a relatively high production cost due to its high technical content.

These two kinds of code anti-counterfeiting labels are different in production cost, anti-counterfeiting strength and counterfeiting cost. If the merchant is more concerned about the production cost, you can choose the scratch-off anti-counterfeiting label. If the probability of counterfeiting is relatively high, such as Moutai, West Lake Longjing, and cigarettes, the anti-counterfeiting label of the uncovered code should be adopted. When necessary, other anti-counterfeiting technologies should be used to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the entire anti-counterfeiting label.