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Reasons hindering the development of anti-counterfeiting label factories

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-10

Reasons hindering the development of anti-counterfeiting label factories

Now domesticAnti-counterfeiting label factoryThere are a lot of numbers, and users can find many manufacturers of different sizes on their computers or mobile phones. Some of them specialize in providing laser anti-counterfeiting labels for customers, and some also customize different types of anti-counterfeiting labels according to customer needs. Their core competitiveness is the technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. The more the technology, the richer the product. Today we analyze the current development of anti-counterfeiting label factories and find out the reasons that hinder their rapid development.


Through the analysis of large-scale anti-counterfeiting label factories, we know that their label products are very competitive in the market and can meet the anti-counterfeiting needs of different customers. On the contrary, those smaller companies have weaker capabilities in this regard. The laser anti-counterfeiting label technology has a great influence. The stronger the technology research and development ability, the more efficient anti-counterfeiting labels can be produced, which can have the ability to receive large orders. If the technology is not good enough, there will be no office to obtain second cooperation from customers, and there will be no competition for some anti-counterfeiting label factories for customers with special needs.

Another reason hindering the development of anti-counterfeiting label factories is the production cost, the lower the cost, the higher the profit of the enterprise. Anti-counterfeiting labels are not a profitable expense for companies. Naturally, the lower the cost, the better. For example, a company needs 20,000 copies of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. For two manufacturers with similar anti-counterfeiting levels, the company will definitely choose a supplier with a more competitive price. If manufacturers cannot reduce the cost of label production, they must sacrifice profits to obtain orders. In the long run, anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers will lose market competitiveness.

The above is an analysis of the reasons that hinder the development of anti-counterfeiting label factories. Through the analysis, we have learned that there are two main reasons, namely anti-counterfeiting technology and production cost. When choosing a supplier, companies are definitely not willing to choose companies with poor research and development capabilities in laser anti-counterfeiting label technology because they are worried that the products they provide may be easily forged by counterfeiters. Even if the factory can provide laser anti-counterfeiting labels with the same technology, the high production cost and small profit margin are not conducive to the development of the factory. It is hoped that the two reasons analyzed in this article can alert anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers to increase their ability to develop technology, optimize production processes, and enhance market competitiveness.