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What are the responsibilities and obligations of anti-counterfeiting label factories

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-14

What are the responsibilities and obligations of anti-counterfeiting label factories

In recent yearsAnti-counterfeiting label factoryThe number is becoming more and more, and after many bosses have mastered anti-counterfeiting technology, they raise funds to build factories. They started to develop from a small-scale manufacturer and serve every customer carefully, and they can get more and more orders and win customer recognition. However, as the number of anti-counterfeiting label factories increases, the relevant government departments' supervision of the industry will decrease, requiring manufacturers to take the initiative to assume automatic responsibilities and obligations.


my country's anti-counterfeiting label factories must abide by my country's laws and regulations, and must not do things that violate laws and disciplines. First of all, we must strictly review the information of each customer, and not serve those counterfeiters, produce high-quality anti-counterfeit products, and confuse the commodity market. This requires that the anti-counterfeiting label factory has a good management system, and there should be no problems such as employee favoritism and fraud. If an illegal production of anti-counterfeiting labels for criminals is found, the manufacturer will be severely punished by the law and the business license will be revoked in serious cases. Secondly, it is necessary to protect customer information to prevent core information from leaking and being used by criminals. In order to ensure the authenticity of each anti-counterfeiting label, the merchant may send some relevant product information to the anti-counterfeiting label factory, such as product LOGO drafts. Manufacturers can only use it in the production of anti-counterfeiting labels, and cannot sell them to other organizations for profit.

Anti-counterfeiting label factories should also shoulder the important task of industry development, constantly research anti-counterfeiting technologies and improve anti-counterfeiting methods. Now the counterfeiters are becoming more and more sophisticated. They use various means to obtain anti-counterfeiting technology and produce their own anti-counterfeiting labels. Only by continuous research and development can manufacturers increase the cost of counterfeiters and effectively protect the authenticity of the goods. This kind of responsibilities and obligations and the development of anti-counterfeiting label factories are complementary to each other. The better the responsibilities and obligations, the better it will develop.