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Explanation of the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting laser marking technology

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-09

Explanation of the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting laser marking technology

On the marketAnti-counterfeiting laser markThe research on printing technology has been uninterrupted, and which anti-counterfeiting label manufacturer can make new breakthroughs in this area will have a more competitive advantage. In fact, each manufacturer has its own characteristics in many printing details, some are more powerful in anti-counterfeiting features, and some are more cost-effective in the printing process. Today we will take a look at the anti-counterfeiting laser labels on the market to understand the characteristics of printing technology.


Anti-counterfeiting laser marking technology integrates many different anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as laser anti-counterfeiting technology and gravure printing technology, so it can have the following characteristics:

1. Anti-counterfeiting is difficult. The entire label production will use a laser anti-counterfeiting mark in a specific position to narrow the control range and increase the difficulty of operation. Without advanced production equipment and skilled production technology, it is difficult to produce, so counterfeiting It is difficult to counterfeit.

2. High peelability. The anti-counterfeiting laser mark and the printing material are glued together, which can be further improved in the design of adhesion. When the label is torn, the label surface film and the underlying material will peel off, which can prevent Counterfeiters transfer anti-counterfeiting labels.

3. Anti-copying. The pattern of the anti-counterfeiting laser mark can be printed more accurately. This label has different cross-line refraction no matter from which angle it is viewed. However, if the counterfeiter adopts the copy method, this effect cannot be achieved.

Although these printing technologies for anti-counterfeiting laser labels have many advantages and are often used in the production of anti-counterfeiting labels, there is still room for improvement in the production process and effect. The anti-counterfeiting label is the identity card of the product. If the certificate is untrue and unreliable, there will be many problems in the sale of the product. Whether for brand owners or consumers, anti-counterfeiting work is very necessary. Label manufacturers must continue to improve their technology, so that anti-counterfeiting laser labels, two-dimensional codes and various printing technologies have greater improvements.