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The difference between laser anti-counterfeiting label and laser labeling

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-14

The difference between laser anti-counterfeiting label and laser labeling

Many businesses will nowLaser security labelAnd laser labeling is printed on the packaging of goods. Many people don’t know the difference between these two things after they get the goods. These two labels are similar in appearance, and many consumers do not have the habit of distinguishing the authenticity when buying products, so they don't care about these differences. But in fact, laser anti-counterfeiting labels and laser labeling are two different labels.


The function of laser anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting labels is an effective tool to identify the authenticity of goods. People can scan the QR code of the label or scratch the label and dial the anti-counterfeiting phone above to verify the authenticity. Such anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in many industries because they are difficult to imitate. The laser labeling is a kind of self-adhesive label with laser effect. It does not have anti-counterfeiting features, but is only used for reposting film. Because of its beauty, corrosion resistance and convenience, it is used in many high-grade products. Although the two types of labels use laser technology, they are not the same in the production process. Laser labeling is more about applying laser technology to printing, but laser anti-counterfeiting labels need to use more anti-counterfeiting technologies, the production process is more complicated, and the anti-counterfeiting information and the anti-counterfeiting verification system need to be linked to each other to ensure the quality of each label. Authenticity.

There are many manufacturers of laser engraving anti-counterfeiting labels on the market, and they all have their own anti-counterfeiting technology and can provide customers with various anti-counterfeiting products. my country's management of the production of anti-counterfeiting labels is relatively strict. If manufacturers want to operate legally, they must apply for relevant qualification certificates in relevant departments. Moreover, if a business wants to produce a laser anti-counterfeiting label, it must submit its business license and other information to the label manufacturer to verify the authenticity before manufacturing the anti-counterfeiting label.