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Description of the chaotic phenomenon of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-16

Description of the chaotic phenomenon of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

onLaser security labelIf the anti-counterfeiting check is true, it should be the authenticity. But at present, there are abnormal problems. The real product obtained by scanning the anti-counterfeiting laser mark may also be a fake. When the anti-counterfeiting label is not anti-counterfeiting, the products produced by the anti-counterfeiting label factory will have no credibility, and the products produced by the merchants will not be guaranteed. Today we will understand this chaotic phenomenon of laser anti-counterfeiting labels together.


At present, many laser anti-counterfeiting labels on the market show that after being scraped off, you need to log in to the designated website for authenticity inquiries, and also show that the anti-counterfeiting code is genuine. Some of these designated websites still carry the word 315, but the official notice of the Consumer Association has not authorized any website to distinguish between true and false of such information. If there is an anti-counterfeiting laser mark that shows 315, it may not be a genuine product.

The websites shown on the laser anti-counterfeiting labels are generally established by commercial organizations, and their authenticity remains to be verified. These companies initially established the website system to serve as an anti-counterfeiting service, but the supervision of the organization itself is not enough, and it is easy to be exploited by criminals. Anti-counterfeiting label factories generally do not recommend businesses to print such verification websites. The media have also reported relevant news long ago, but all sectors of society have not paid attention to it. This phenomenon is like putting a protective umbrella on fake laser anti-counterfeiting labels, and consumers cannot distinguish the authenticity from the fake.

The above is an analysis of the chaotic laser anti-counterfeiting label market. Through this analysis, we know that the anti-counterfeiting website with the so-called 315 is not well supervised and is easy to be used by illegal businesses. Anti-counterfeiting label factories should remind businesses not to cooperate with such websites. It is hoped that all walks of life can form a complete supervision system, and government law enforcement agencies can supervise and manage it. Let the anti-counterfeiting laser mark play its effective anti-counterfeiting effect and reduce the possibility of counterfeit products. It is hoped that the description in this article will enable more businesses to realize the chaotic phenomenon of laser anti-counterfeiting labels, start from their own, and make the anti-counterfeiting market more standardized.