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Anti-counterfeit label factory teaches you how to choose anti-counterfeit labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-28

Anti-counterfeit label factory teaches you how to choose anti-counterfeit labels

Companies are choosingAnti-counterfeiting label factoryAt the time, it will consider its production capacity, technical ability and experience. They know that choosing a high-quality partner will not only provide more security for the product's anti-counterfeiting, but also provide more peace of mind in cooperation. Because a good anti-counterfeiting label factory not only provides reliable products, but also provides them with appropriate solutions. They will tell customers which anti-counterfeiting label is more suitable according to the characteristics of their products.


The anti-counterfeiting labels provided by the factory will contain anti-counterfeiting systems, including 800, 400, website query and fixed telephone query. For enterprise customers, a stable system should be selected first. We don't know when consumers will verify the authenticity of the product, and can only ensure that the anti-counterfeiting system is always correct. Secondly, companies should choose suitable label products according to the cost-effectiveness of the product. The anti-counterfeiting label factory's label products include laser anti-counterfeiting and QR code anti-counterfeiting. Different products use different anti-counterfeiting technologies, and their production costs are also different. If the value of the product is not high, some cheap anti-counterfeiting labels are suitable. If the value of the product is high, you can consider adding anti-counterfeiting technology to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting.

The anti-counterfeiting label factory will also advise customers to choose a process suitable for their products. There are many kinds of products that need anti-counterfeiting on the market, including glass packaging, plastic packaging and paper packaging, as well as square, round and strip shapes. When anti-counterfeiting labels are printed, the characteristics and materials of the product shape are very important. Anti-counterfeiting label factories need customers to consider the requirements of waterproof, anti-fouling and aesthetics before choosing a suitable anti-counterfeiting label.