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Application of Moiré effect in laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-02

Application of Moiré effect in laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Just startedLaser holographic anti-counterfeitingThe technology is only used in the outer packaging of whiskey, and then it has gradually become popular all over the world, being used in various tickets, credit cards and commodities. It not only has high-efficiency anti-counterfeiting performance, which makes it difficult for counterfeiters to imitate, but also has high-value appearance, which can improve the grade of goods. With the development of science, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology has been improved a lot, and many manufacturers have applied the moiré effect to anti-counterfeiting technology.


We all know that the appearance of the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label is very beautiful, no matter which angle you look at the label, you can see different patterns, among which the moiré fringe plays a role. Moiré fringe is an optical phenomenon in which two separate structures cover each other to form a new pattern. With the continuous development of science, Moiré fringe is used in a wider range of fields, including the field of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. Moiré phenomenon is extremely sensitive to micro-displacement rotation and deformation, and can be applied to file encryption and anti-counterfeiting in optical calibration crystallography and information science.

The formation of moiré fringes in laser holographic anti-counterfeiting is the result of diffraction and interference when light passes through the grating. Several grating sheets can be superimposed on each other to produce different moiré dashed lines, and different patterns of moiré fringes can be obtained by adjusting the angle of the grating sheets. Such ever-changing functions can meet the uniqueness requirements of anti-counterfeiting labels. Through this moiré effect, a variety of different light stripes can be obtained, and the combination of it with laser holographic anti-counterfeiting can achieve the purpose of high anti-counterfeiting and strong aesthetics. In the printing process, combined with various advanced printing equipment and technologies, a perfect anti-counterfeiting label can be presented.