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On the importance of laser anti-counterfeiting labels during the epidemic

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-12

On the importance of laser anti-counterfeiting labels during the epidemic

Laser security labelAs an effective anti-counterfeiting method, although it has been applied to products in various industries, only a small number of consumers will use it to verify authenticity. Many consumers do not pay attention to this kind of label, nor do they consciously conduct anti-counterfeiting verification. This gives many counterfeiters an opportunity. During the pneumonia epidemic for more than a month, many medical masks did not have anti-counterfeiting measures such as laser anti-counterfeiting labels, making counterfeit products rampant.


Although the cost of the manufacturing process used in the laser anti-counterfeiting label is not particularly high, it is indeed a high expenditure cost in the low-profit industry such as medical masks. Therefore, many medical masks we have seen do not have anti-counterfeiting labels, and only some brands have their own LOGO. Because of the suddenness of the outbreak, the national demand for masks is very large. Many counterfeiters see the trade gap and put a large number of fake and shoddy goods into the market. Because consumers do not have anti-counterfeiting methods such as laser anti-counterfeit labels to verify the authenticity, they can only distinguish the authenticity by visual observation and comparison. However, some unqualified products cannot be judged intuitively, so even if a fake product is bought, there is no way to know.

It is hoped that after this epidemic, the Chinese people can pay attention to the laser anti-counterfeiting label. The medical mask industry should also increase the anti-counterfeiting step to make products safer and more secure. Medical masks are an effective means to isolate viruses and human contact. If the quality of the masks is not good enough, it will directly affect people's health. In such a severe anti-epidemic period, fake masks will hinder the prevention and control of the epidemic. The laser anti-counterfeiting label ensures the quality of the masks and effectively controls the spread of the epidemic.