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Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturer's explanation on the characteristics of digital watermarking technology

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-13

Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturer's explanation on the characteristics of digital watermarking technology

Currently in our countryLaser holographic anti-counterfeitingThere are many manufacturers, some of them do not have their own research teams, but cooperate with some university research teams to purchase their patents. Some manufacturers have their own technical research team and will continue to study various anti-counterfeiting technologies. This kind of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturers spend more on research and development costs, and they have a better understanding of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. Let's learn about the characteristics of digital watermarking technology through them.


Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturers will use digital watermarking technology in actual printing production. When the anti-counterfeiting label uses digital watermark technology, it needs a reader to extract it, because this technology is visually invisible. People cannot detect the hidden watermark with the naked eye, so it will not affect the visual appearance of the label. Secondly, this technology is also robust. The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturer adds a digital watermark to the label through a computer, and prints or outputs an image containing the watermark through a printer. The image is input to the computer through photoelectric detection, including nonlinear quantization distortion and space Aliasing. After adopting digital watermark printing, anti-counterfeiting labels will be opened to detect hidden watermarks through scanners or other special equipment, just like watermarks on RMB.

Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturers often use digital watermarking technology for label production, because this technology has strong anti-counterfeiting performance. If counterfeiters want to counterfeit, it is not only technically difficult to break through, but also requires a lot of cost. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting labels can play a better anti-counterfeiting effect. Digital watermarking technology can be designed and customized according to the needs of brand owners, so laser holographic anti-counterfeiting manufacturers can combine a variety of different labels with this technology.