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Application of Code Anti-counterfeiting Label in Fireworks Industry

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-20

Application of Code Anti-counterfeiting Label in Fireworks Industry

Code anti-counterfeiting labelThe anti-counterfeiting application of commodities is relatively extensive. Electronic products we use daily, wine and tea we drink daily, and cosmetics such as daily facial masks may all adopt this anti-counterfeiting method. Because these products are easy to be imitated by counterfeiters, causing greater economic losses to commodity brands. But it should be difficult for people to imagine the use of code anti-counterfeit labels on fireworks, because people rarely buy such products.


The reason why fireworks need to use the code anti-counterfeiting label for anti-counterfeiting is because the government departments have issued relevant policies and regulations. Beijing’s newly issued "Interim Measures for the Administration of Fireworks and Firecracker Sales Licensing" strictly regulates the storage, wholesale and sales of fireworks and firecrackers. All units and individuals selling fireworks and firecrackers within the administrative area of ​​this city must first obtain a Beijing fireworks sales permit. Those who have not obtained the sales permit for fireworks and firecrackers shall not engage in sales activities. The distributor of fireworks must mark all the fireworks products they sell, adopt the technology of code anti-counterfeiting label, and mark the corresponding brand information on the outer packaging of the fireworks.

After the code anti-counterfeiting label is marked on the firework, the person who buys it can learn the relevant information of its manufacturer and determine the legality of its sale. If there is no such mark, it means that the firework product is a three-no product and does not comply with the relevant regulations on market flow. If Beijing citizens find such fireworks, they can report to the relevant departments. If you find some counterfeit code anti-counterfeiting labels, you can also report it to the brand owner or relevant departments. In this way, the safety and standardization of the fireworks market can be more effectively ensured.